Mary J Blige and the Chicken of Fire

Crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses, ranch dressing wrapped up in a tastyyyy flouuuur tortilla!

I know I’m late, but I just saw the Mary J Blige chicken commercial. All I have to say is HAAAAAAAAAAA!

I must have arthritis in my black power fist or something, because I don’t find this video particularly offensive. If Mary wants to sing about chicken, please let her. I have no verification of this but…if they want to pay her two million dollars to sing about chicken, she better! For two million dollars I’d get up there and sing about crack:

It’s white and bro-ken
put it in a pipe
and smoke it

Seriously though, I think we need to stop being so self conscious about every little thing. Yes, there is a negative stereotype linking Black people to fried chicken but, guess what, some Black people do eat fried chicken. Don’t believe me, go to Popeyes and do some research.

What kind of throws me off is her reaction to it. She says she didn’t sign off on it as if they digitally inserted her likeness into the commercial. Mary, you’ve been out for over twenty years now. We know what you look and sound like. If she really had a problem with the commercial then I imagine that would’ve come up when she saw the lyrics to the song. Performing the song in front of a camera pretty much strips you of the ability to save face after people complain about it. Take it on the chin, cash your check and keep it moving.

BB King sang “love that chicken from Popeyes.” I dare someone to say something to him.

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